Friday, April 6, 2018

Mercury In Retrograde

Feeling like everything is going wrong for you recently?

Can't catch a break no matter how you try?

Well, blame it on Mercury Retrograde...the Murphys Law of the Astrology set.

What does Mercury Retrograde mean exactly? Well..the easiest way to explain it is...

Shit is gonna happen!

Almost everyone, to a certain degree, will feel the impact of the Mercury Retrograde, they may just 

not have known what it was or that it had a name.

During this time, aspects that are controlled by Mercury are at their weakest. What

aspects do Mercury control you ask?  Well, such things as travel, communication, 

and technology. Yep...those things that are common everyday things.

See the problem?

The Retrograde began on March 31. The period usually lasts about 2 or 3 weeks so we will be out of

it on April 15th. That means, right now, we are SMACK in the middle of it with a bit to go.

For this reason, I am listing a few things you should probably NOT do during this time, 

and then give you a few things that might ease you through the rest of the time...

Do Not:

1. Have important or difficult conversations or confrontations. Stay away from all drama

2. Do not ask for things like raises, go to counseling, or try to solve family problems

Communication is at its weakest point right now.

3. Do not fill out important paperwork, such as contracts, taxes, things like divorce


4. Do not make large purchases such as cars, homes, or land. Check, recheck, and then check

again any paperwork. You will make errors during this time.

No fear, it is not all bad, there are a few things to do to help you struggle through...

1. Journal. This is the perfect and private way to get thoughts out of your head. Paper can take the 

emotion you lay out on it, people often cant. This way you haven't got to go back later

and possibly try to smooth things over with someone.

2. Crystals. They will give you a bit of extra protection by keeping you grounded. Hold

them, place them in nearby places, carry them with you, or create a grid with them.

3. Smudging. There is a lot of dark negative energy hanging about, so attack it and

smudge that shit out. We all know sage will banish stress, give you energy, and rid your

mind and space of negativity.

4. Take a ritual bath. Turn your lights down low, light some candles, maybe some incense, pour in 

some sweet smelling bath salts lay back and relax. You will feel the stress just melt away. Plus

self-love is always important, no matter the time.

And just when you thought it was safe to head out again...

There are two more Mercury Retrogrades headed our way in 2018

July 25-August 18

November 16-December 6

But it is ok, you know how to handle it now!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Spring Cleaning Negative Energy

The weather where we are is far from Spring-like, despite the calendar telling us differently, and to us, springtime means Spring Cleaning. I’m not going to talk about scrubbing your baseboards and cleaning your closets, that is totally on you, what  I am going to talk to you about cleaning all the negativity from your home and mind.

Spring, with its rebirth of the earth, is the perfect time to cleanse yourself, your space, even your crystals. Start your cleansing by the burning of sage, either in stick form or incense form. Smudging is like taking an energetic shower or doing a very deep cleansing. The smoke changes the ionic composition of the air, thus reducing stress in your body. I won't even go into the wonderful scent that is left behind lingering in your area.  Use a feather to help waft the smoke into the corners of your home, let the smoke embrace your crystals to cleanse them, there are other ways of clearing crystals than the full moon. If you feel you have taken on to much negative energy let the smoke run over your palms and the soul of your feet, the sage will pull the negativity out of your body.

One of my favorite crystals is Selenite, the most common being the white translucent stone that is usually cut into slabs or long sticks. Selenite was named for Selene, Goddess of the Moon, and looking at it you can see why.

You can use Selenite by running it around your body, this will quiet your mind and give you mental clarity, and clearing the negativity from your mind. Place it in the four corners of your home to invite more peace and serenity in. These are just a few ways to use this popular stone. I highly encourage you to look further into the use of Selenite.

After you are finished cleansing all the negativity from your self and space, you will want to introduce positivity back in. You can achieve this with a stick of Palo Santo. Palo Santo is also called Holy Wood and has incredible sweet notes of pine, mint, and lemon. Palo Santo is a strong medicine that is used for keeping energy grounded and clear.  The sweet scent is great for aromatherapy helping boost immunity and calm the nervous system. Light the stick and angle it to get a good flame and fill your space with positive vibes and sweet smells.

There are many other ways to cleanse your space and mind, many different types of smudge wands that achieve different things, there are even candles that use the oils of the plants in the wands that can be used instead. Try this method of spring cleaning and let us know how it made you feel afterward, or what method you personally use.